Smokers – Get Your Electronic Cigarettes Here!

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Smokers – Get Your Electronic Cigarettes Here!

It is a fact that electronic Element Vape Coupon cigarettes are an incredible innovation, and smokers should jump on the bandwagon. Nicotine patches are okay, but limited to a few months. There is also the gum, nonetheless it has some serious disadvantages. Actually, it is not really clear whether electric cigarettes help or harm your health. To determine this, you must look at the composition of the cigarette.

Tobacco contains about four thousand different chemical constituents, which two hundred are carcinogenic. That’s a lot! The tobacco companies, that are aware of this, work with a great many chemicals within their products that mimic the effect of nicotine, thereby fooling smokers into thinking they’re getting nicotine, when what they are really taking is a mix of nicotine and tar. Those that smoke a lot can get twice the quantity of tar and nicotine that non-smokers can.

But nicotine isn’t the only thing that can kill you. Electronic cigarettes contain tar as well, that is very dangerous, particularly if you have heart disease or cancer. Tar clogs up your arteries, increases your cholesterol and causes other health issues. Electronic cigarettes are just a temporary, or rather, short term fix to all of these problems, but smokers will will have to deal with the nasty consequences of smoking.

So, why would smokers want to use electronic cigarettes rather than quitting cold turkey? The most obvious reason is that smoking is such a miserable experience. Smokers may try to stop cold turkey each and every time, however they will always find another smoker to start out a chain, and their body will break down under the strain. Smokers will die slowly, and some of them won’t quit. Electronic cigarettes allow you to give up smoking instantly.

Another advantage of electronic cigarettes is they are much less expensive than other ways of quitting smoking, such as nicotine replacement therapy gums, patches, lozenges and inhalers. You save money by not buying expensive pills. Smokers who resort to nicotine replacement therapy will spend thousands of dollars per year, while electronic cigarettes cost you hundreds. In addition, electronic cigarettes are very simple to use. Just put it in your pocket, take it around with you, and you’re set to go.

The problem that many folks have is that they smoke when they’re said to be doing something else, like studying or working, or sleeping. Therefore, they try to give up smoking before they’ve really reached their zenith. But no quantity of caffeine will get their mind off the television or the computer. They’ll go right back to their addiction.

One great feature of electronic cigarettes is the anti-depressant aspect. Studies have shown that many smokers take their cigarettes out in the center of the day just to feel better. They don’t realize that smoking ruins their lives. Actually, smokers age faster and also have more health problems because they get older. On the other hand, when you quit smoking having an electronic cigarette, you don’t have those feelings of being depressed any longer.

Electronic cigarettes took away the physical aspect of smoking completely. Smokers no more need to hold a cigarette in their hands and breathe smoke. Instead, they get a vapor that is similar to that of a cigar, only it’s not burned. Because of this, smokers are usually grayer plus they smell less.

With electronic cigarettes, smokers avoid the social stigma connected with smoking. They know that they’re healthier and they can talk to anyone about their decision to quit. Additionally, there are many new smokers who’ve discovered the joys of smoking with electric cigarettes.

When smokers realize just how much better their lives are when they don’t smoke, they become addicted to them. The desire to smoke becomes stronger with every puff. Electronic cigarettes give smokers an opportunity to quit for good. After a few weeks of using electric cigarettes, smokers will notice that they no more crave cigarettes at all.

Even though tobacco companies have managed to get hard for smokers to quit smoking with their products, they will have also made it easy for smokers to use them. Now there are simple-to-use devices that produce smoking just that much easier. Electronic cigarettes will be the wave into the future. Smoking should never be seen as a thing that is evil or bad. Smoking ought to be seen as a habit that many people have developed, and now smokers have found a method to kick the habit without getting addicted.